Customer Testimonials

We Work Tirelessly To Meet The Needs Of Our Clients And We Appreicate All Of The Feedback That They Have Provided About Our Company.

Contacted this agency and had timely response . Good service.

Susan Elliott

Awesome reliable agency you can trust!

Maura Mantell

My family has received excellent insurance advice and coverage over the years from McInturf Insurance Group. I would highly recommend that anyone that has any kind of insurance needs to call them and they will take care of you.

Doug Smith

I use McInturf Insurance Group for my family's insurance needs. My agent is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any question I have about my policies. He's always looking for that perfect balance between cost and coverage. I would recommend using this insurance group to all my friends and family.

Robert Mull

These guys do a great job!! They are very easy to work with, and really do a great job communicating with you. I'd highly recommend giving them a call. We use them for both commercial and personal insurances, and we could not be happier!

Darren Tigner

I have trusted McInturf Insurance Group with all of my Business Insurance needs and I have been more than happy!!!

Melissa Marie Gross

Great personal service !

Lou Taylor

Highly recommend!!!! .... Great customer service

Michele Thompson Abernethy

We use this insurance agency for our business, home and car insurance. They are absolutely stellar in the customer service department. They always return our calls in a timely manner (that is if he is not available at the time we call which rarely happens). We have referred several individuals as well, and they are very happy.

Shannon Kirkpatrick Owens

We use McInturf Insurance Group for all of our personal and business needs. I have never been happier with a company. They are always there when needed and always with good advice and quick attention. We have been with his company for about 11 yrs now and and are completely satisfied with them.

Marylou Adams Elliott

Great customer service by great local leaders and caring employees!

Sean Brady

Sarah has been great with helping us find the right medical insurance coverage for our family. It is so nice to be able to work with someone local who can answer our questions and someone that we can trust with our insurance needs. We trust this insurance group!

Debbie DeGarmo

Very good company! McInturf Insurance Group only has the best representatives. Very nice, knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. Have not had any issues with them!

Sasha Atayan

Great service and friendly.

Jayme Noble-Carbaugh

Very friendly and courteous service.

Nancy Raymond

Great local company! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Adam Hollingshead

McInturf Insurance has always done us right. We have priced several different insurance policies and his price simply cannot be beat. It is amazing what he does for such an affordable price. Normally I do not buy the cheapest anything, you know " you get what you pay for" , but at McInturf Insurance Group you get so much more than you pay for. They are a company that delivers a huge bang for your buck and I would recommend them to anyone.

Marshal Sillin

They are very prompt in getting things taken care of. They are very helpful and take the time to listen.

Crystol Weidger